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Application form - QIS Sole Trader Service

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Fields with are required.
■ Personal details
Title: Address:
Home phone:  
Work phone:  
Mobile phone: Post code:
Email address: Date of birth:
Occupation: VAT number:
Nationality: NI number:
UTR number:    
■ Banking details
Name of bank and branch:
Name of account holder:
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Account number:
Building society ref.:
IBAN number:
SWIFT (Foreign only):
Currency: £ Sterling      € Euro      Other
■ Invoicing details
Client name: Client name:
Client address: Client address:
Post code: Post code
Contact name: Contact name:
Phone/fax: Phone/fax:
■ My billing rates
Rate per hour/day Overtime rate: per hour/day
■ Service choice
Select one: Gold Silver Bronze
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■ GOLD service
As your VAT Agent we need to know if you have another source of income that would be subject to VAT other than that earned through QIS and if this is the case please complete the boxes below and if Yes we will contact you for further details.
Yes I have other income: No I don't have other income:
All turnover subject to VAT must be invoiced through QIS in order for it to be treated correctly in the Statutory returns. Other income will be recorded on the self-assessment.
■ My agreement
1. I confirm that the information supplied is correct and that I have been made aware of the charges that may apply.
2. Having reviewed the way in which I supply my services, I confirm that such services are of a self-employed nature.
3. I hereby agree that by submitting this application I agree to the QIS Terms & Conditions. (click here to show/hide)
  1. The parties to this contract are QIS Limited of 4 -5 Mitchell Street, Edinburgh EH6 7BD (hereinafter the Company), and ENTER YOUR DETAILS ABOVE of ENTER YOUR DETAILS ABOVE (hereinafter the Contractor).
  2. The Contractor agrees that this is a Contract for Services and not a Contract of Employment.
  3. As this is a self employed contract, the Contractor is not entitled to sick pay, holiday pay or any form of employment protection other than stating that they should be fully aware of their standard work place Health and Safety requirements and any insurance requirements their clients may require them to hold.
  4. The Contractor should be entitled to send a substitute or delegate at his absolute discretion to undertake the services to be provided, although the Contractor will be responsible for paying the substitute or delegate, and for the quality of their work. In the event of the Contractor being unable to carry out contracted work, and where requested by the Company, the Subcontractor is obliged to supply a substitute.
  5. The Contractor is entitled to hire assistance at his own expense. The Contractor will be responsible for the cost of such assistance and the quality of the assistants work.
  6. The Company will not control, nor have any right to control, in any detailed manner, how the Contractor is to fulfill his obligations, and the Contractor will use his/her own initiative to complete the services to be rendered to their Clients. satisfaction
  7. The Company will not set hours to be worked by the Contractor. The Contractor can choose how and when to complete the services to be rendered so long as performance is satisfactory.
  8. The Contractor will be paid on a basis to be agreed between the Contractor and the Client less the agreed QIS fee reviewed from time to time.
  9. The Contractor will be able to benefit from his own efforts and sound management.
  10. For the purposes of clarity both the Company and the Contractor consider and intend this business relationship to be one of self employment and not one of master and servant. Both parties consider the Contractor to be in business on his own account.
  11. The Contractor is responsible for all his/her own statutory payments. Any statutory liability or penalties incurred by the Contractor before, during or after the term of this contract are solely the responsibility of the Contractor.
  12. Where the Contractor has opted for the QIS GOLD service they consent to the Company acting as their VAT & Self-Assessment Agent and as their Agent:
  13. 12.1. The Company will collect, file and pay their VAT as required.
    12.2. The Company can and will only be responsible for VAT associated with invoices raised and paid through QIS.
    12.3. All turnover, subject to VAT, must be invoiced through QIS in order for it to be treated correctly in the VAT returns.
    12.4. All VAT monies will be held in an interest-bearing account. To avoid excessive administration, interest will only be paid where the amount earned on the balances held in any calendar year exceeds £25.00. If the total sum of money held is enough to give rise to a significant amount of interest or is likely to do so, then we will put the money in a designated interest-bearing client bank account and pay the interest to the Contractor. Subject to any tax legislation, interest will be paid gross.
    12.5. We will return monies held promptly either when the Contractor notifies us in writing that they no longer wish to use our service, or at the time of year when self assessment taxes are due to be paid. We will pay to HMRC the VAT due on or before the due dates provided sufficient funds are held on behalf of the Contractor.
    12.6. The Company will complete the Contractors annual Self-Assessment provided the Contractor has supplied any information required.
    12.7. It is the Contractors responsibility to ensure that all information is provided in a timely manor and, if it is discovered to be incomplete, then the Company cannot be held responsible.
  14. Where the Contractor has opted for the QIS SILVER service they consent to the Company acting as their Self-Assessment Agent and the Company will complete the Contractors annual Self-Assessment provided the Contractor has supplied any/all information requested. Should the Contractor be VAT registered under the SILVER service they will be responsible for their own statutory filings and related payments.
  15. Where the Contractor has opted for the QIS BRONZE service they acknowledge that they are responsible for all their own statutory filings and associated payments and for completing their own annual Self-Assessment.
  16. Having read and understood the choice of QIS service required by the Contractor they acknowledge and agree that fees of 7%, 6% and 5% apply to the GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE services respectively. These fees are calculated on the value of each invoice raised to the Client exclusive of VAT.
  17. The Contractor is responsible for maintaining public liability insurance or any other insurance required by their Client.
  18. The Contractor is responsible for providing his/her own overalls, protective clothing, hand tools and consumables.
  19. The Contractor will be responsible for correcting any defective work at his/her own cost.
  20. Both parties acknowledge that the Contract for Services can be terminated at any time without notice and will be periodically reviewed in any event. The Contractor is not under an ongoing obligation to provide services and the Company is not under an ongoing obligation to contract for such services.
  21. There is no restriction on the Contractor working for multiple Clients whilst this contract is in force, subject to the contract services being completed to the satisfaction of the Company.
  22. Applicable Law - The Contract as well as its performance will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of England.
  23. Resolving Disputes and Jurisdiction - Should any dispute arise between the parties they will endeavor to resolve the dispute in good faith by senior level negotiations. If the dispute is not resolved through negotiations an independent solicitor or accountant will be appointed to arbitrate in the first instance.
  24. As with other Professional Services firms, we are required to identify our clients for the purposes of the UK anti-money laundering legislation. We may request from you, and retain, such information and documentation as we require for the purposes and/or make searches of appropriate databases.
Name:   Date: 21/02/2018